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Browse the lubricants by Brands:
British Petroleum (BP) | Caltex | Castrol | ExxonMobil | Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) | Shell
Browse the lubricants by brands to find the lubricant you need.

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Castrol Viscogen KL 300 Spray


Castrol Viscogen KL™ range are thermally stable synthetic lubricants designed for high temperature lubrication in severe environments, where the use of mineral oils or conventional synthetic oils would result in excessive wear, carbonisation and residue formation. They can be used up to temperatures of +200°C/+390°F, depending on the viscosity.

Viscogen KL have been developed from base fluids which form exceptionally adherent, transparent and odourless lubricating films and an additive system free of solids, metals or silicone which enhances load carrying capability and wear protection


Viscogen KL is available in 6 different viscosities depending on the ambient and operating conditions. The dimensions of the chain as well as its structural shape (e.g. roller, pin, ladder chains, insertion and flat link hoisting chains) are important when selecting the right viscosity. The way the lubricant is applied must also be considered e.g. manual lubrication, drip feed lubricator, central lubrication, sump lubrication or via spray can.
Viscogen KL finds use in many industrial applications, for example: High-rack storage shelves, bakery machines, paint lines, conveyor chains, tenter frames and dryers, washing plants, underfloor chains, steamers, slashers, baking ovens, slide ways, spindles, ropes, open gear wheels, plastic toothed belts and sheet-fed offset machines. Viscogen KL 23 is especially suitable for use in BOPP (Biaxially oriented Polypropylene) film stretching machines.

Castrol Turbo-K

Description Water based, triple surfactant system detergent cleaner for off-line and on- line washing of gas turbine engine compressors. Applications Dilute 1 part Turbo-K with four parts water of quality according to the GT OEM specification. Can be used in ambient temperature solution or with heated water as and if desired or specified. Approvals Meets… Continue Reading

Castrol Spheerol AP 2, AP 3

Description Spheerol AP 2 and AP 3 are lithium soap thickened greases. Application Spheerol AP 2 and AP 3 are lithium-based greases incorporating solvent-refined base oils. They contain oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, which help to ensure long service life and a high level of protection for metal surfaces. The greases are water-resistant. Spheerol AP 2… Continue Reading

Castrol MP Dexron III Mercon

Description Castrol MP Dexron III/Mercon Transmission Liquid is a multipurpose power transmission fluid that is designed for most power transmission and hydraulic systems to include passenger car and truck automatic transmission, powershift transmissions in off-highway construction equipment, hydrostatic drives and industrial, agricultural, mining and marine hydraulics. Applications Meets performance requirements of high pressure vane and… Continue Reading

Castrol Magna Range BD68, CF220, GC32

Description Castrol Magna™ GC 32, BD 68 and CF 220 are specially formulated slideway lubricants to provide all-round performance with good stick-slip and load carrying performance. They combine controlled frictional characteristics with high film-strength and high load carrying properties to eliminate ‘stick-slip’. Application Magna GC 32 is a light viscosity, combined hydraulic and slideway lubricant.… Continue Reading

Castrol Cooledge BI

Description Castrol Cooledge BI is a non-phenolic, general purpose soluble cutting fluid for use in a wide range of machining operations with a variety of materials. Application Cooledge BI is particularly suitable for use with steel and cast iron components, but it is not recommended for use with copper alloys. Castrol Cooledge BI may also… Continue Reading

Castrol AP Gear 80W-90, 85W-140

Description Castrol AP Gear Lubricants are multi-purpose, extreme pressure gear oils that meet the requirements of API (American Petroleum Institute) gear oil classification GL-5 and SAE J2360 (Formerly MIL-PRF-2105E). Applications and Recommendations SAE J2360 (Formerly MIL-PRF-2105E) API MT-1 (80W-90) Mack Truck GO-J BMW General Motors Dodge Euclid Ford Motor Company Volkswagen Navistar API Service GL-5… Continue Reading

Castrol Anvol SWX 46 FM, 68 FM

Description Castrol Anvol SWX 46 FM and SWX 68 FM are HFDU Polyol ester type hydraulic fluids as defined by ISO 6734/4 and ISO 12922 (1). They are fully approved by FM Global (Factory Mutual) as industrial Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids. The Anvol SWX FM range is outstanding in their category in providing a safe… Continue Reading

Shell Gadus S3 V460D

Description Shell Gadus S3 V460D greases are high performance high temperature greases for slow moving heavily loaded large bearings subject to shock loads.They are based on high viscosity index mineral oil and a lithium complex soap thickener. Apart from containing the latest additives to ensure excellent high temperature, anti corrosion & anti oxidation performance, they… Continue Reading

Shell Spirax S4 CX 10W

Decription: Shell Spirax S4 CX 10W is designed to provide operators with trouble free operation and maximum reliability for the lifetime of the equipment. Spirax S4 CX meets the demanding requirements of modern transmission, final drive, oil immersed brake and hydraulic systems fitted to heavy-duty off-highway. Applications Spirax S4 CX 10W is recommended for use… Continue Reading

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