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Browse the lubricants by Brands:
British Petroleum (BP) | Caltex | Castrol | ExxonMobil | Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) | Shell
Browse the lubricants by brands to find the lubricant you need.

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If you are unable to find the product you need, because:

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  • the lubricant you need is no longer in production
  • out of stock in your country

Simply contact us to send us the product datasheet. We'll do the sourcing for you. 

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Shell Spirax S4 ATF HDX

Description Spirax S4 ATF HDX is a superior quality automatic transmission fluid suitable for heavy duty automotive transport and passenger car transmissions. Based on synthetic technology base fluid, Spirax S4 ATF HDX is the ultimate performance automatic transmission fluid allowing extended drain intervals even under the most severe conditions. Applications Automotive automatic transmissions Automotive hydraulic… Continue Reading

Shell Paper Machine Oil S3 M

Description Shell Paper Machine Oils S3 M are high performance oils based on modern ashless additive technology. They are designed to provide excellent all round protection for the diverse needs and conditions found in modern paper machines. They meet the requirements of Metso, SKF and Voith systems. Applications Shell Paper Machine Oils S3 M are… Continue Reading

Shell Heat Transfer Oil S2

Description Shell Heat Transfer Oil S2 is based on carefully selected, highly refined mineral oils chosen for their ability to provide superior performance in indirect closed fluid heat transfer systems Applications Enclosed circulated heat transfer systems for industrial applications such as process industry, chemical plants, textile producers etc. and in household equipment such as oil… Continue Reading

Shell GadusRail S2 Traction Motor Bearing Grease

Description Shell GadusRail S2 Traction Motor Bearing grease is one of Shell’s highest quality lithium soap- based greases. It is manufactured to specifications that provide excellent mechanical stability and long service life. These properties are needed for many critical anti-friction bearing applications. Shell GadusRail S2 Traction Motor Bearing grease is a NLGI Grade 3 grease… Continue Reading

Shell Gadus S5 T460

Description Shell Gadus S5 T460 Grease is a high performance, high temperature, long life grease for heavy duty industrial applications. It uses fully synthetic base stocks and the latest technology diurea thickener. It contains the latest additives to offer excellent high temperature oxidation performance and other additives to enhance its anti-oxidation, anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties.… Continue Reading

Shell Gadus S3 T100

Description Shell Gadus S3 T100 Greases are high technology greases designed to give optimum performance for grease lubrication in industrial bearings. They are based on mineral oil with a special diurea thickener to give long life, low wear and shear-stable properties at high temperatures. Applications Shell Gadus  S3 T100 greases  are particularly recommended  for use… Continue Reading

Shell Gadus S3 Repair

Description Shell Gadus S3 Repair is a high performance sprayable Running In Aluminium Complex Grease, based on a part synthetic base oil blend and contains micronised graphite as solid lubricant. Applications For mining, cement, steel industries and power stations,Open Gears on: Grinding mills Rotary kilns & dryers Typical Physical Characteristics   NLGI Consistency   00… Continue Reading

Shell Gadus S2 V220AD

Description Shell Gadus S2 V220AD Greases are high performance grease for the lubrication of bearings subjected  to the harsh  conditions. Applications Shell Gadus S2 V220AD Greases  are recommended  for the lubrication of shock loaded heavy duty bearings  working in damp hostile conditions. They are well-suited for use in off- highway applications and also for the… Continue Reading

Shell Gadus Kiln Seal Grease

Typical Physical Characteristic   DESCRIPTION UNITS METHODS TYPICAL APPEARANCE – VISUAL BROWN WORKED PENETRATION @ 25°C 0.1mm ASTM D217 340 DROPPING POINT °C IP 396 240 OIL SEPARATION 18hr @ 40°C %m IP 121 4.0 VISCOSITY OF BASE OIL @ 100°C mm2/s ASTM D445 14.5 EMCOR CORROSION TEST – distilled water – IP 220 0/0… Continue Reading

Shell Air Tool Oil S2 A

Applications Suitable for a wide range of mobile percussive pneumatic tools such as those used in rock drilling, mining and construction activities (e.g. jack hammers, sinkers and other air operated tools). May be used in certain gear and bearing lubrication systems subject to water ingress. Typical Physical Characteristics Shell Air Tool              32    100   150   320… Continue Reading

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