(High Temperature Production Control Fluid Compliant with Global environmental requirements.)

Aqualink HT804F ver2 water based subsea hydraulic control fluid has been formulated as a tier 1 HP/HT fluid, suitable for wells with reservoir pressure greater than 10,000 psi to 15,000 psi (689 bar to 1,034 bar), and with temperatures up to 160°C. Aqualink HT804F ver2 is a ready-to-use, biodegradable, water glycol control fluid that has been formulated for use in both conventional and high temperature oil and gas production wells. The viscosity and pour point of Aqualink HT804F ver2 has been specially developed to meet the requirements of direct or multiplex electro-hydraulic control systems operating over very long distances providing optimum reliability, thermal stability, improved lubricity and quick hydraulic response times.

Features / Benefits

  • Environmentally acceptable for maximum discharge.
  • Fluorescent leak trace dye.
  • High level of lubricity.
  • Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Fully compatible with current water based subsea control fluids.
  • Improved compatibility with completion brines- Compatible with Potassium Formate, Calcium Bromide, Zinc Bromide and Calcium Chloride.
  • Designed to meet the requirements of the latest subsea equipment in high temperature, high pressure wells.
  • Exceeds US-EPA toxicity requirement as specified in NPDES permit for subsea control fluids.
  • D rating with Cefas (UK) and Yellow with Add Novatech (Norway).
  • Great ferrous and non ferrous corrosion protection even in the presence of seawater.
  • Passes ISO 13628-6_E at 160°C and is FMC approved to PRD-0000021632 rev D.
  • Fluid life 20 years or more.

Data (Typical Values)

AppearanceFluorescent Red/Pink liquid
pH (ASTM D-1293)9
Corrosion Protection
IP 135A
IP 135B/ASTM D-665 (10% seawater)
IP 135B/ASTM D-665 (20% seawater)

Lubrication Performance
Falex Antiwear Test (modified ISO 13628-6)-500 lb. load for 30 mins
Pin & Vee block wear
Wear Teeth
Torque after 30 Mins
Falex Extreme Pressure Test (ASTM D3233-86)
Maximum load
Torque at max load
Wear Scar diameter (40Kg 1 hour)
Weld point

13 in lb.

4500 lb (full load)
47 in lb.
0.67 mm
85 Kg
Kinematic Viscosity (IP71 ASTM D-445)
Specific [email protected]°C
Pour Point (IP 12 ASTM D-97)
Flash Point (IP 35 ASTM D-92)

7.3 cSt
2.3 cSt

Health and Safety

Refer to MSDS for proper handling and disposal. Please note that the MSDS includes handling, health and disposal information
which should be passed on to your employees, and to anyone else who comes in contact with our product. Further advice can also
be acquired from your local Houghton representative.
NOTE: Read and understand all precautions on container labels before using this product.

Materials Compatibility

Aqualink HT804F ver2 is suitable for use with steel, cast iron, copper, bronze, brass and anodised aluminium. Zinc, cadmium, lead
and magnesium should be avoided.

Seals and Elastomers

Seal materials properties can vary within a classification depending upon compounding techniques. Compounding can enhance or reduce various properties and characteristics. In the case of Buna N, certain formulae will be more resistant than others. This can also be said for some of the urethanes. Leather and cork are best avoided. Consult your packing and seal supplier for specific recommendations.

Aqualink HT804F ver2 is generally compatible with pure synthetic rubber packing’s and seals such as Buna N (Nitrile), butyl, Viton,
Teflon, nylon and silicone.

Hose Liner Material

Laboratory compatibility tests have shown that Aqualink HT804F v2 provides acceptable resistance to physical change in the properties of Nylon 11 materials.


Likely to have a softening and stripping action on conventional paints. Where conventional paint coatings have to be replaced, those with an acrylic, epoxy or silicone base should be suitable.


The products should be stored in dry conditions. It is important that tops should be replaced on all containers when not in use. All drums, tanks and containers should be clearly marked with the contents and should be used in delivery rotation. The colour of this material will fade if exposed to day light for a long period.

Packaging / Cleanliness

Aqualink HT804F ver2 is filtered to meet NAS1638 Class 6 cleanliness level in the drum. Aqualink HT804F ver2 is available in 55 gallon/205 litre drums and semi bulk containers.


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