Castrol Hyspin™Spindle Oil E5 is based upon highly refined mineral oil enhanced with rust and oxidation inhibitors and formulated to provide outstanding protection against rust and oxidation while demonstrating good lubricity.

This type of oil is also referred to as “R and O” oil.


Castrol Hyspin Spindle Oils are designed for use in all types of high speed spindle bearings and seal oil systems.

The Hyspin Spindle Oil is fully compatible with elastomer materials commonly used for static and dynamic seals, such as nitrile, silicone and fluorinated (e.g. Viton) polymers.

Hyspin Spindle Oil is classified as follows:

  • DIN 51502 classification – HL.
  • ISO 6743/4 – Hydraulic Oils Type HL.
  • ISO 6743/2 – Spindle Oils Type FC.

Technical Data

Name Method Units Hyspin Spindle Oil E 5
ISO Viscosity Grade     5
Density @ 15°C, Relative NFT 60-172 g/ml 0.871
Viscosity, Kinematic 40°C ISO 3104 / ASTM D445 mm²/s 5
Viscosity, Kinematic 100°C ISO 3104 / ASTM D445 mm²/s 1.9
Pour Point NFT 60-105 °C -39
Flash Point, COC ISO 2592 / ASTM D92 °C 114

The above figures are typical of those obtained with normal production tolerance and do not constitute a specification.

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