Castrol Perfecto HT 5 is based on a solvent refined, high viscosity index mineral oil specially selected for its high thermal and oxidation stability.


Perfecto HT 5 is primarily intended for use in enclosed and sealed systems. It can also be used, at lower temperatures, in systems open to the air.

Perfecto HT 5 has a low viscosity which is essential when operating under turbulent flow conditions to achieve very high heat transfer rates.

Technical Data

Name Method Units Perfecto HT 5
Relative Density at 15°C ASTM D4052 g/ml 0.868
Kinematic Viscosity at 40°C ASTM D445 cSt 30.5
Kinematic Viscosity at 100°C ASTM D445 cSt 5.28
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 106
Pour Point ASTM D97 °C -9
Closed Flash Point ASTM D93 °C 210
Open Flash Point ASTM D92 °C 220
Fire Point ASTM D92 °C 249
Colour IP 196 2.0
Auto-ignition Temperature ASTM D1255 °C 357
Neutralisation Value IP 1A mgKOH/g <0.05
Specific Heat at 15°C kJ/kg, °C 186
Maximum Film Temperature °C >340
Thermal Conductivity at15°C ASTM D1160 W/m°C 0.133
Distillation Range Initial Boiling Point °C 343
Distillation Range 10% distilled at °C 390
Distillation Range 90% distilled at °C 454
Thermal Expansion Co-efficient per °C at 15°C 0.00077

The above figures are typical of those obtained with normal production tolerance and do not constitute a specification.

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