A high quality soft film rust preventive which, on evaporation of the solvent, leaves a powerful protective film. Also possesses good water displacement properties.


Intended for severe conditions and is classified as a medium to long term
protective. Recommended for the treatment prior to storage of valuable machine tools and for tools for factory stores or shops. Suitable for camshafts, crankshafts, circular saws, large gears, exposed sliding surfaces of lathe beds, etc.

Typical Characteristics

Castrol Rustiloâ  DWX 32
Appearance Brown Cloudy Fluid
Density @ 15°C


Flash Point (Abel) 40°C minimum
Coverage (approx.) 64.5 m2/ litre
Film Thickness (approx.) 4.1 microns
Film Density (approx.) 3.8 gm/ m2
Drying Time @ 21°C (to 95% solvent loss) 85 mins.
Salt Spray Test (ASTM B-117) 576 hrs. (approx.)


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