Castrol Spheerol SX 2 is a calcium complex, extreme pressure grease, resistant to both fresh and salt water providing a high level of corrosion protection to bearings and other components operating in environments subject to water or salt spray.

Spheerol SX 2 is an excellent top dressing for wire ropes, readily providing lubrication between the strands as well as corrosion protection for external surfaces.


Plain & anti-friction bearings subject to water wash. Bushings and Pivots.
Wire Ropes.

Technical Data

Name Method Units Spheerol SX 2
Appearance Visual   Pale brown grease
NLGI Consistency     2
Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C   mm²/s 180
Penetration, Worked 60 Cycles ASTM D217 1/10 mm 265-295
Drop Point IP 132 °C >280
Operating Temperature, min/max   °C -20/150
Four Ball Load Test, Weld Point IP 239 kg 400

The above figures are typical of those obtained with normal production tolerance and do not constitute a specification.

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