(Anti-Microbial Treatment for Contaminated Systems)

Erifon Systems Cleaner is an aqueous mild alkaline cleaner with highly effective anti-microbial and detergent properties. At low treat rates (2%) it is effective against yeast, bacteria and fungi, breaks down biofilms, oil, grease, dirt and sludge deposits and neutralises acid degradation products. Erifon Systems Cleaner is used as remedial treatment for contaminated hydraulic equipment or as a preventive treatment to enhance hydraulic fluid and system service life.

Key Benefits

  • Recommended for treatment of microbiological contamination in hydraulic systems
  • Prolong operational life of fluids and control systems
  • Fast acting broad spectrum biocide at 2% treat rate
  • Active detergents to breakdown and disperse contamination
  • High foaming to ensure treatment of air and head spaces
  • Alkalinity neutralises acid degradation products in the system
  • Compatible with Oceanic HW fluids, Erifon BOP and motion compensator fluids
  • Adaptable flushing procedures depending upon operation requirements
  • Treatment efficacy checked by Fluid Monitoring Program
Typical Physical PropertiesErifon Systems Cleaner (UK)Erifon Systems Cleaner (US)
AppearancePale Straw Mobile FluidPale Yellow Mobile Fluid
Specific Gravity[email protected]°C (60°F)1.12@20°C (68°F)
pH (neat)10.610.5-11.5
pH (2%)10.410.0
Foam Number@ 1% dilution2525
Pour Point<-20°C (-4°F)<-20°C (-4°F)
Polar Solvents

Partially Soluble

Partially Soluble
Partially Soluble
Effectiveness of Anionics
Effectiveness of Non-ionics




Erifon System Cleaner should be stored in dry conditions, ideally out of direct sunlight. Normal storage temperature range is 5-40°C (low temperature storage limit -10°C).

Flushing Procedure

A general procedure can be used when implementing the cleaning and flushing operation with Erifon Systems Cleaner. The procedure can be broken down into a series of steps, with minor difference depending whether the system is new or is service.

  1. Prepare an Erifon System Cleaning solution depending upon system requirement:
    • New systems : Prepare fresh control fluid, as the carrier medium, diluted to the normal operating level and add 2% Erifon Systems Cleaner. Completely fill the HPU (hydraulic power unit) reservoir with the cleaning fluid.
    • Operational systems (Water based fluids) : Fill appropriate volume of Erifon Systems Cleaner directly to the HPU reservoir to obtain 2% operational cleaner dilution.
    • Conversion of non-aqueous systems to water based fluid : Drain down system as much as is feasibly possible. Refill the HPU completely with a fresh potable water containing 2% Erifon Systems Cleaner and 2% Erifon BOP fluid concentrate (HD856, HD603HP, EcoMac).
  2. Cleaning solution in the HPU reservoir can be thoroughly agitated using an air line. The resulting foam will clean interval reservoir surfaces which would other wise be inaccessible.
  3. Discharge accumulators on the HPU to waste, recharge from the HPU reservoir rapidly to create maximum turbulence. Repeat operation twice more. (Note : micro-organisms can grow in accumulators.)
  4. Once accumulators are charged, using the HPU as a power source, flush Erifon Systems Cleaner solution through all control panels, pipework, valves, hoses and manifolds. If necessary, break lines at the end connections of the control system to bleed “dead” portions and then reconnect. Cycle fluid up to three times. (Note: Cleaning power can be improved with turbulence and soak period of 24-48 hours.)
  5. Flush Erifon System Cleaning solution from equipment. (Note: pH meter or pH test papers register an increase in fluid pH when Erifon System Cleaner Solutions are present. For subsea detection, Oceanic Red or Yellow LTF can be added to the Erifon Systems Cleaner Solution.)
  6. Refill the HPU with fresh Erifon System Cleaning solution, repeat steps 4&5.
  7. Refill the HPU with operational fluid or equipment preservation fluid:
    • New systems : If systems are to be commissioned within 1-3 months, the system may be filled with operational fluid. Care should be taken to minimise contaminant access. (Note: Erifon CLS fluids contain vapour phase corrosion inhibitors which effectively protect air space from corrosion.) If equipment is to be stored for more than 3 months, Oceanic EPF Equipment Preservation Fluid may be used.
    • Operational systems (Water based fluids) : Recommence normal operations.
    • Conversion of non-aqueous systems to water based fluid : Recommence normal operations.

Fluid Monitoring Program

Once the hydraulic control fluid has been successfully installed in the system, our Fluid Monitoring Program can be used to make sure that flushing procedures have been successful and then as a part of a planned maintenance programme to prolong service life.

Material Compatibility

Erifon System Cleaner contains surface active components which effectively remove oil, dirt and biological contamination from systems. In concentrated form, active components may adversely affect system materials. Operational dilutions of Erifon Systems Cleaner (2%) are expected to be compatible with materials typically used in oilfield equipment. Nevertheless, long term exposure may adversely affect some materials. Hence, cleaning and flushing procedure should not last more than 48 hours.

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