Quakertek CS 4602-EP (Complex Greases)


A unique line of Calcium Sulfonate lubricating greases that utilise an entirely new approach in thickener technology. Formulated with heavy metals, includes multi-functional grease with superior corrosion protection and extreme load carrying properties even in the presence of elevated levels of water contamination.


A calcium sulfonate grease, provides the competitive advantage to keep operations running with:

-Water washout resistance: This grease will stay in place and lubricate the bearing even when fully submerged in water.

-Excellent corrosion protection: Prevents bearing corrosion by supporting increased bearing life and reducing the amount of bearing replacements.

-Excellent shear stability: Great ability to maintain its consistency and not soften during mechanical working.

-Indicated for lubricating plain and rolling contact bearings.

-Works under very high pressures and low oscillating speeds.


Used in applications that experience water washout, corrosion and shear.
• Belt Rollers
• AFC Sprocket
• Crusher Elements

Typical Properties

PropertiesCS 2202-EPCS 3201-EPCS 4602-EP
ColourTan TanTan
Viscosity at 40ºC (104ºF), cSt220320485
Water Washout2.0%1.8%45%
Water Spray-off23%75%45%
Timken OK Load,kg252525


Calcium-Sulfonate Complex


Iron Roughneck

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