QH Quakertek Termoplex – 220 EP is a grease specially designed for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings subjected to extreme load and vibration conditions, highlighting its performance in large machinery, such as in the case of grinding mill bearings, screens, supports of mills and rotary kilns, laminating cylinders and all kinds of bearings and bearings where high vibrating and/or shock loads, temperature and aqueous contamination are combined.


Good behaviour against corrosion, its total insolubility and water repellency, extreme adherence and wrapping capacity. Resistance to high loads for very long periods, excessively reducing vibrations, grease consumption and extending relubrication periods.


Lubricating grease for all types of bearings (balls, needles, rollers, conical, etc.) that work at low, medium or high temperature (-20 to +130 ºC).
It is the most appropriate grease for electric motors, mounted both in a vertical position and in horizontal, pump bearings, journal bearings with medium to high speeds and greasing points mainly at normal temperatures.

Riser Tensioner.


  • Operates under extreme vibratory load conditions.
  • Indicated for lubricating plain and rolling bearings.


Colour Yellow
TypeComplex Lithium
Grade NLGI2/3
Drop point, METTLER FP-83HT, °C285
Corrosion to copper foil (24h/100ºC), ASTM D-40481b
Emcor test, DIN 518020-0
4 ball machine
Wear (1h/40kg/75ºC), IP-239, Ø, mm
Welding load, IP-239, kg

FAG FE9, test DIN 51821-2/A/1500/6000-150, F50, h>100
SKF R2F test B (1500 rpm/140oC/480h)Pass
Classification according to DIN 51502KPF 2/3N-20
Application temperature, ºC-20 a +150

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