Typical Physical Characteristics



Shell Dromus BL
Mineral Oil content



Density @ 20°C


DIN EN ISO 12185

885 – 892

pH of the emulsion at 5% (TH0)

NFT 60193

8.5 – 8.8

Refractometer Factor



Shell Dromus BL is a soluble oil with high mineral oil content suitable for a wide range of machining, on a wide variety of low to medium alloy steels, conventional aluminium, copper, copper alloys, and free machining brass. It is ideal for machine shops that work with mixed metals.

Recommended Concentrations

The concentration varies depending on the type of machining operation, the water hardness and the required inter-operational corrosion protection. The recommended concentration for use in medium water hardness is:

General machinig: 6 – 8%

Heavy duty machining: 8-12%

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