Typical Physical Characteristics

Shell Helix Diesel HX5 15W-40
SAE Viscosity  
Grade 15W-40
Kinematic viscosity  
@ 40°C cSt  
100°C cSt 105.4
(IP 71) 13.9
Viscosity Index 132
(IP 226)
@ 15°C kg/l 0.885
(IP 365)  
Flash Point  
(PMCC) °C 220
(IP 34)  
Pour Point  
°C -30
(IP 15)  

Shell Helix Diesel HX5 has been formulated with cleansing technology. It works harder to protect than ordinary motor oils by continuously preventing soot deposit build-up and reduce engine noise.

Suitable for naturally aspirated or turbo-charged indirect injection diesel engines fitted with ‘blow by’ re-circulation.

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