Shell Spirax S4 CX 10W is designed to provide operators with trouble free operation and maximum reliability for the lifetime of the equipment. Spirax S4 CX meets the demanding requirements of modern transmission, final drive, oil immersed brake and hydraulic
systems fitted to heavy-duty off-highway.


Spirax S4 CX 10W is recommended for use heavy duty off-highway equipment produced by the world’s leading manufatures including; Caterpillar, Komatsu, Komatsu-Dresser and in transmissions manufactured by Eaton, Eaton Fuller, ZF, Dana, Rockwell amongst other:

  • Powershift Transmissions
  • Final drives
  • Oil immersed brakes
  • Hydraulic systems

Typical Physical Characteristics

  Spirax S4 CX      
SAE Viscosity grade SAE J  300 10W
Kinematic Viscosity

at   40°C                 mm2/s at 100°C                mm2/s

ISO 3104  






Density at 15°C             kg/m3 ISO 12185 884

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