Typical Physical Characteristics

Turbo GT     32 46
ISO Viscosity grade   ISO 3448 32 46
Kinematic Viscosity        
  40°C mm²/s ASTM D 445 31.4 47.3
  100°C mm²/s ASTM D 445 5.78 7.74
Viscosity Index   ASTM D 2270 >125 >125
Density at 15°C g/cm³ IP 365 0.844 0.848
Flash Point COC °C ASTM D 92 230 245
Pour Point °C max ASTM D 97 -15 -15
Neutralisation Number mg KOH/g ASTM D 974 0.10 0.10
Air release at 50°C minutes ASTM D 3427 2 3
Copper Corrosion (3hr/100°C)   ASTM D 974 1b 1b
Rust-preventing properties   ASTM D 665 A and B No Rust No Rust
Oxidation Stability        
  RPVOT minutes ASTM D 2272 >1000 >1000
  Modified RPVOT % of RPVOT   >95% >95%
  TOST lifetime hr modified ASTM D 943 >8,000 >8,000
  TOST 1000hr sludge mg/kg IP 157 <40 <40
Oxidation Test 175°C/72 hr   FTM-791b-5308-7    
  Sludge Content mg   52 57
  Viscosity change %   +5 +5


Specifications and Approvals

Shell Turbo GT exceeds the specification requirements of the major turbine manufacturers including: 

  • DIN 51515-1, 51515-2
  • Siemens Power Generation TLV 9013 04
  • Alstom Power Turbo-Systems HTGD 90-117
  • Alstom/ABB HTGD 90-117T
  • General Electric – GEK 32568f, GEK 107395a, GEK 28143b – Type I (ISO 32), GEK 28143b – Type II (ISO 46)
  • Solar ES 9-224W Class II
  • ASTM 4304-06a Type III



Shell Turbo Oil GT has been developed for the most severe operating conditions imposed by modern, heavy duty industrial gas turbines. Blended with Group III base oils some of Shell Turbo Oils GT’s physical properties differ significantly from those of conventional turbine oils.

  • Power and industrial heavy duty gas turbines

Shell Turbo GT is used as the lubricating oil for main shaft bearings and mechanical gears as well as the governor oil in the turbine control valves in modern gas turbines.

  • Further industrial applications

Shell Turbo GT may also be used for other industrial applications requiring a high performance gas turbine oil, such as the lubrication of turbo compressors

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