Therminol® 68 Heat Transfer Fluid


Therminol 68 is a high temperature liquid phase heat transfer fluid with great thermal stability. Therminol 68 was developed for use at temperatures up to 360° C (680°F) in liquid phase heat transfer fluid systems. Therminol 68 has a boiling point of 308°C (586°F), but static pressure of about 2 bar should maintain the liquid phase at high temperatures.

  • Noncorrosive—This product is noncorrosive to typical heat transfer system materials of construction and has low odor and good handling characteristics.
  • Low Odor—Easy to use.

Typical Properties

PropertyTest MethodTypical Value, Units
AppearanceClear, pale yellow liquid
Composition Mixture of synthetic aromatics
Maximum bulk temperature360 °C (680 °F)
Maximum Film Temperature390 ºC (735 ºF)
Normal Boiling Point308 °C (586 °F)
@ 300 mm2/s (cSt)
@ 2000 mm2/s (cSt)

-10 °C (14 °F)
-26 °C (-14 °F)
Autoignition Temperature
DIN 51794

400 ºC (752 ºF)
Flash Point COCASTM D92155 °C (311 °F)
Pour PointISO 3016-33 °C (-27 °F)
Viscosity, Kinematic @ 40ºCASTM D 44513.6 cSt, mm2/s
Liquid Density @ 15ºCASTM D 40521030 kg/m3 (8.6 lb/gal)
AcidityASTM D 664<0.2 mg KOH/g
Molecular Weight (Average)226
Moisture Content, maximumASTM E-203200 ppm
Dielectric Constant @ 23°CASTM D-9242.8
Copper CorrosionASTM D 130<<1a
Properties reported here are typical of average lots.

Key Attributes

  • Lesser odor
  • Non-corrosive


  • htf – bakery
  • htf – food production
  • Chemicals & petrochemicals
  • Lube oil refining
  • Oil treatment / sweetening / desulphuriz
  • Plasticizer
  • Polyamide
  • Polymer processing
  • Refining
  • Resins
  • Specialty and batch chemical production
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Waste heat recover + orc

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