Therminol® 75 Heat Transfer Fluid


Therminol 75 synthetic heat transfer fluid is an ultra-high temperature liquid phase heat transfer fluid having excellent thermal stability.

Performance Benefits

  • High Temperature Stability Performance—Therminol 75 is an exceptionally stable heat transfer fluid. It carry a heat transfer coefficient which is equivalent or higher than other natural or synthetic liquids in the same boiling range.
  • Low Pressure—Therminol 75 is designed for typical liquid-phase heat transfer fluid systems which operate at low pressures.
  • Critical System Design— Due to the high melting range 40°-70°C (104°-158°F) of Therminol 75, proper system design is crucial for reliable operation.

Typical Properties

PropertyTest MethodTypical Value, Units
AppearanceSoft solid melting to yellow liquid
Composition Terphenyl/quaterphenyl
Maximum bulk temperature385 °C (725 °F)
Maximum Film Temperature410 ºC (770 ºF)
Normal Boiling Point343 °C (649 °F)
Autoignition TemperatureASTM E659
DIN 51794
567 ºC (1052 ºF)
538 ºC (1000 ºF)
Flash Point COCASTM D92185 °C (365 °F)
Coefficient of thermal expansion @ 200°C0.000803 /°C (0.000446 /°F)
Liquid Density @ 80ºCASTM D 40521041 kg/m3 (8.7 lb/gal)
AcidityASTM D 664<0.2 mg KOH/g
Molecular Weight (Average)230
Pseudocritical temperature579 °C (1074 °F)
Pseudocritical pressure25.3 bar (367 psia)
Pseudocritical density323 kg/m3 (20.2 lb/ft3)
Moisture Content, maximumASTM E-203200 ppm
Dielectric Constant @ 80°CASTM D-9242.32
Slurry point75-80 °C (165-175 °F)
Properties reported here are typical of average lots.

Key Attributes

  • Critical System Design
  • High Temperature Stability and Performance
  • Low Pressure


  • htf – active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Chemicals & petrochemicals
  • Distillation
  • Lube oil refining
  • Oil recycling
  • Refining
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Tall oil

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